Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lil' Bec in Dubai

If you didn't already know Lil' Bec Adventures is actually based on my neice Little Beck; Lil' Bec and her family live over in Doha in the Middle East, they spent their weekend  in Dubai and she sent me this lovely photograph of her in their hotel aquarium (yes their hotel has it's own aquarium centre) I love it, I know you would too. I thought it may be nice to post once a month about Little Beck and what she has been up too. So expect a fishy Lil' Bec Adventures digi coming soon.


  1. Boy she looks like she is having fun. This would make a great stamp Kat.

  2. Lil'Bec under the sea, has a fishy tale about it lol, can see it now scuba gear and that cheeky grin surrounded by fish and seaweed