Friday, 12 October 2012

Design Team Shout Out!

Howdy Crafters and you fabulous designers.

Some already know that I am starting a new digi range Lil' Bec Adventures and I need an amazing Design Team.

2 week Application goes like this -

Part 1 -  Email your name & little about yourself, one of your creations as well as your blog details.

If successful you will be emailed for Part 2.

Part 2 - You will receive an unseen digi from my collection, you must colour that digi and return to myself,  NO blogging this digi, it is not yet released.

If successful you will be emailed for Part 3

Part 3 - Create a card featuring the Digi design - you may change the colour from Part 2.

If successful you will be contacted by Saturday October 20th.

Sunday October 21st Design team will be officially announced. No self announcing is allowed until official release.

From Monday October 22nd all applicants that received the digi during Part 2 will be allowed to use that digi freely for their own creations (no selling, swapping or giving away of the digi) while hosting my link and a regular update, plus i would like to see your creations for myself :)

Each month a competition will be run for all, everyone will receive an unreleased digi to work with, other restrictions will be in place.....for you to create whatever you wish with.

Prizes -

Everyone's a winner! On the official released date, everyone can freely use the digi, of course with limitations (no selling, swapping, giving away) Digi is for personal use only, while hosting my link.

Designer Team Winner will have the opportunity to select any 2 other digi's in the collection.

Public Winner will be able to select any digi from the collection & an invitation to join the Designer Team.


  1. brilliant hun, see your getting there, proud mother hen I am........x nooooooo you got a prove you not a robot arrrrrgggghhhhhhh

  2. But you are a robot lol I think syou only have to do it the firs time you post x